What will you learn here?

We propose you every week an article drafted by ourself on a subject which pleased us, and/or an external article on the current events with source.
The objective is to give:
– Useful concrete elements for the well-being or the performance (intellect and mental)
– Elements of reflection on the stakes and the implications of the neurosciences (human or machine)
We work on online trainings (in the end of 2017) to share with you some contributions of the ultra modern neurosciences as much as former knowledges, on diverse subjects: mental coaching, student, professional, marketing and IT success.

About us

We are a quite small team: I am scientific (but not follower of scientism!) and IT specialist, fascinated by the personal development and ancient wisdom. Two friends assist me in searching information and in writing articles according to their inspiration. We are french and we do our best to translate our writings in English : we are really sorry if our translations are not so good ! The online trainings will be very well translated.
You can write and submit an article: if it is judged good, it will be published and you can choose your signature.


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