Electrosensibility, antennas and smartphones



Controversial topic: on one side some people complain to feel harmful effects on their body, on the other one labs say that the waves doesn’t cause any damage. It just happened that I recently read two articles which show a small evolution in that debate, and I thought that this information deserved to be shared.

A double-page from magazine “Science et Vie” of July, 2017 mention a researcher of the University of Picardy which announces: “our works led on rats show that they perceive the waves emitted by relay masts. It could cause psychosomatic disorders”. I like at the end of the article the sentence “this study is very interesting, comments an expert in this domain, who wishes to remain anonymous“. We can see that there is no problem with freedom of speech here! Other studies are planned, in particular in Amiens (North of France).

Shortly before, I read an article from magazine “01net” of June 21st, 2017 talking about certain smartphones: “these smartphones, as well as about forty others marketed between 2012 and 2016, can radiate way too much when they are placed on the thorax. So much that they could be forbidden to sale if they weren’t already on the market”. Indeed the National Agency of the Frequencies changed the standard: since April, 2016, the measures must be made 5 millimeters away from the body (this new test protocol can modify the ancient results up to 50 % !).

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