APB – a nightmare algorithm that decides of your scolarity

This event shows convincingly the actual influence of algorithms on people’s real life. And that’s just the beginning…

This article points on the consequences of that French scholar system:

  1. Having very good results doesn’t make you sure to have the right to pursue further studies
  2. APB can’t assure you a student place in higher education
  3. We don’t know how the students in non-selective bachelor’s degrees are selected
  4. The foreigner French high schools are favored
  5. High schools have strategies to promote their students
  6. There is no random draw for provinces’ high schools
  7. APB has become a plan B
  8. The situation will be worse next year
  9. Students have no winning strategy against the software
  10. APB isn’t the disease, it is the symptom

 Read the entire article from Challenges magazine (French)




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