Depression: what if it was the thyroid?


Article in french magazine « Alternative Santé »



” The depression is not a disease “, explains Dr Brogan, psychiatrist and practitioner in integrative holistic medicine in New York. ” It is the sign of an imbalance in the body, that must be simply restored. ” The real underlying physiological cause of the depression, the faintness, the anxiety, the reduction in libido, and the fatigue of a woman is far from being only situated in the brain. Very often, the exact cause is not diagnosed and untreated: only the symptom is masked, often with massive amount of antidepressants.

The neurologist Joseph Coyle for example, of Harvard Medical School, declared in 2014: ” the chemical imbalance is a kind of thought of the last century. It is much more complicated than that. It is not because these symptoms were caused by a chemical kind of problem, that the medicine is capable of correcting it. ” The author adds, sarcastic: ” the aspirin lessens headaches, but headaches are not caused by a deficiency in aspirin. “

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