Transhumanism in Paris La Villette

Specimens which we could soon cross in the street…

Liviu Babitz – La Villette 06/2017 – L BEAUDONNET / 20 MINUTES (in french)


“Liviu Babitz invented the “north sense”, an implant hung on the trunk which allows to perceive the North by small vibrations. It is not an instrument for the orientation, but a sense which allows to perceive the North when you like it or not, in the same way as we do not decide to hear the world which surrounds us, or in the same way as we do not remove the eyes after having looked at a movie. We do not choose when the sensible north gives us an information. More than 250 people were transplanted this new gadget and he gets ready to create new ones.”

Our opinion: sad, as all the transhumanist fantasies. But let’s try to laugh with it: it is small and it vibrates, a few ones may have the idea to be transplanted somewhere else…


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