Moral harassment weakens the health

We knew it, but it feels good to remind it…

« The consequences of the school harassment are more and more studied, and it’s for the best. The television series ” 13 Reasons Why “, which tells the story of the suicide of a teenager victim of harassment, recently knew a big success. If it aroused the debate, it has the merit to put back the subject in light. A team of American researchers was interested in the question too, publishing its results on April 28th in “Psychological Science”. Their discovery? The school harassment leaves profound marks on adulthood, on the health of the harassed one AND of the harasser. »
Article in french here.

Usefull links:
« Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse » from Marie-France HIRIGOYEN (i read it a few years ago, but i remember its topics were wide enough)


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