Relax, now!


How to succed in relaxing yourself and in taking easy the numerous assaults you endure in your trivial days?


Right now, I’m just coming back home after my working day. I’m tired, irritated, and still have many things to do before to to go to bed (to clean the kitchen, to eat some food, to call a buddy and to wash-up my crockery). This takes place on Monday. Monday fifth of the week. Just a classical week.

This is a thought we all know: what matters the most is that the job is endless… Then if it is endless, it means clearly that something has to change! And the change has no reason to wait for tomorrow, as tomorrow will be same as today … Thus, yes: relax, now!


All in all, stress has two different origins, which means that you’ll have two working axes to manage with to really succeed to relax yourself. These are your body and your mind. We shall note however that both kinds of stress have physical and psychological consequences, which proves that body and mind are bound together: indeed, psychological stress can provoke fatigue, physical pains, digestive disorders1…) and physical stress has naturally psychological repercussions (it can cause depression, concentration difficulties…). Conclusion of this small remark is that to fight in an effective way against the stress means fighting against causes of the stress of the body, as against those of the stress of the mind: otherwise, neither the body, nor the mind can really relax themselves!

Knowing about that, we understand that it is absolutely necessary for us to act on our body and on our mind.


Regarding the body, doing sport regularly is of a certain help to feel better: in our society, for the majority of socio-professional groups, this one remains seated the largest part of the day. Doing sport allows everyone to reinvest his body, to spend the energy that it has accumulated during the day and, there, to evacuate the stress which it suffered. Many scientific studies on sport showed its multiple virtues, some of them being physical and some of them being psychological (for example, doing sport helps fighting against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and depression). According to the results of these studies, doing sport 30 minutes two or three times a week would be enough to prevent rather significantly most of these troubles2.

Regarding the mind, it can be useful to force yourself to take a time during the day (ten minutes should make it), for example after work, when you arrive at home in the evening, during which you free your mind, making it full of vacuum, and during which you stop being supported by the needs of yours and your environment. This exercise should allow you to let the things of life be reorganized in your mind and their natural place and dimensions turn up in it. This exercise will free yourself from the psychological stress your mind suffered during the day and will help you to overcome the psychological effects of the unpleasant events you lived during the day.

If you force yourself to do these exercises, which are simple to implement and won’t cost you too much time, you will quickly notice that your life will have changed. You will notice it one evening, as you’re going home after work. Ready to make quietly a little of household before eating a well deserved meal and calling your old friend Georges to hear from him a little. Then, satisfied with your very busy day, you’ll sleep to rest of the sleep of the just man and then will make the most of your weekend. Because, yes, this evening will be your very first Friday evening.

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♦ french book “La solution intérieure“, Thierry Janssen, Ed.: Fayard, 2006

2■ Le sport meilleur remède FRENCH

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