Memorizing a PIN code or another number sequence

Transcript of the video translated in English :

Today we gonna learn one of the most effective methods of numbers memorization. This method is used by all the champions of memory and also by mentalists, in order to remember any sequence of numbers: PIN codes, years, anniversaries, digital codes to enter buildings, phone numbers etc. …

Well, this memorization method is very effective because the idea of the tip is to make doing to our brain two things he likes to do: viewing an image and telling a story.

So, we are going to transform numerals into images and to invent a story using these images. Using this method, I need less than one minute to memorize a sequence of numbers, and after that I perfectly remember it for a very long time. Don’t worry: the first time you will do it, you will need a little more time, as you’ll have to set up the universal system which you will then always use.

You can create any system you want, but here I will show you mine. You can modify it if you want to use images that fit you better than mine.

Here are the ten images I use to remember the ten numerals (from 0 to 9):
0 = egg
1 = Eiffel tower
2 = swan
3 = pair of buttocks
4 = sail
5 = serpent
6 = sprouted pea
7 = set square
8 = glasses
9 = umbrella

I need to memorize the number 4138. Even if I repeat it 5 times, I will soon forget it as I have other informations to memorize during the day!

But after transforming it into images, we have: a sail, the Eiffel tower, a pair of buttocks and glasses. Now, we have to make a story out of these images:

At first, we have no connection between a sail and the Eiffel tower, but the Eiffel tower stands into Paris, which is a great touristic place. And the sail could be a windsurf, which is also associated in my mind with holidays, then tourism! So let’s say that my story is about a surfer who’s going to Paris during his holidays. Let’s go now with buttocks and glasses. Well, glasses are not meant for buttocks… No problem: we will make it our idea! If we sit down on our glasses, we break it. I got it! The surfer broke his glasses by sitting on it, and then had to avoid his holidays in Paris.

So that’s my story: a SURFER avoided his holidays in PARIS, because he SAT DOWN on his GLASSES.

A SURFER (sail) avoided his holidays in PARIS (Eiffel tower), because he SAT DOWN (buttocks) on his GLASSES. 41-38!

Let’s repeat this story another time, while we try to imagine the images:

A SURFER avoided his holidays in PARIS, because he SAT DOWN on his GLASSES.

If you do it again one hour later, and tonight again before going to sleep, you will remember the story and then the number sequence foy days.

Try it and you’ll remember for a long time this SURFER who avoided his holidays in PARIS because he SAT DOWN on his GLASSES!

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